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Enterprising Women:

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    In Morocco there are many women battling to create and realise their own projects/businesses, however for various reasons, many of them fail to carry them out. This causes great frustration in them, because some of these projects are not carried out due to the lack of resources and support; aspects which we believe can be improved or changed. Enterprising Women is a project that we want to carry out for all women who are interested to learn basic techniques that enable them to successfully undertake any project/business initiatives, as we understand that this will lead to greater autonomy and self-confidence, increased recognition and social support, and what is most critical, economic independence.


    Our objectives are varied, and these are:

    • Learn basic techniques to manage their own projects
    • Maintain projects in a timely manner (evaluation and monitoring/following up)
    • Develop greater self-confidence for them.



    To achieve all the above goals and objectives, we will have a 40-hour course in place, in which 40 women will be participating. They will be divided into three groups. The first group would be for the women who have a good level of education, the second group would be for the women with medium level of education and the third group would be for the women who can neither write nor read. In this way, we can prepare project’s lessons according to the studies each group have, and make the most out of this course. Each group will be in a class and will have their own teacher.


    This Project will be carried out in January, in Errachidia.


    This Project requires the following resources:

    • Two coordinators responsible for logistics, management and project organization.
    • Three teachers teaching the three groups we mentioned earlier.
    • Three professional economists who will be in the Courts Jury.

    Project material:

    • A place where the lessons will be taught
    • Hand Out photocopies and chalk
    • Educational/Instructional Material: books, to help these women to keep track of their business: sales ledger, purchase ledger, Customers ledger etc… For some women who can neither read nor write we will give them a MP4 with audio, including the whole course, to help them remember the whole process and guidelines to take their business to success.
    • Diplomas for all women evidencing their participation in this course.
    • End of Course Celebration Party: women will receive their diplomas and their scholarship.

    • BUDGET

    Place to study: 50 €.

    Hand Out Photocopies: 20 €.

    Educational Material (books): 80 €.

    Audio Material: 50€

    Coordinators: 50€

    Teachers: 288 €.

    Court economists: 30 €.

    Diplomas: 32 €.

    End of Course Celebration Party: 60 €.

    Scholarships for the winners: 2400 €.

    Total: 3060€

    Available funds: 1698€ (obtained from previous projects held in Errachidia)

    To raise: 1362€

Women Entrepreneurs Project Summary:

Date of performance of the project: from March 09 to March 14, 2015

The collection of the money to do the courses and for the scholarships was not an easy task, dealing with an association that has little income. The association had a fund of € 1698 obtained from the previous volunteer camps and other projects, which required obtaining the difference (€ 1362) to be able to carry out the project in good conditions and with the planned objectives. For this we decided to make raffles and contests in order to get the money we needed. Among other things, thanks to people from Errachidia we managed to raffle a Moroccan handmade rug, making ballots and selling them for € 1 each. That is why we thank all those who have participated or that have had the intention to do so, since they have collaborated and made it possible to raise money to move this project forward. Thanks to the good response of many people we got € 797.45 (Download the PDF with detailed donations), contributing entirely to the project of women entrepreneurs.

Thanks to a team of professionals, women participants attended a 30-hour course on how to start their own projects. The course was divided into different groups, to try to personalize and adapt to the participants, since the projects that women had in mind could be dealt with in the fields of food, textile, cosmetics, etc … Through groups we managed to put together the different lines of work, which also took into account the educational level of the participants, referring to the fact of being able to write, read, languages, or other personal qualities, forming groups in which they could collaborate and help each other so that each one could make the most of their strengths.

We invite you to read the post that Sergi Conesa has published on our blog for more details

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