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Children with functional diversity

Without a doubt, children with functional diversity are one of the most punished groups in Moroccan society, a reality that their families also suffer. They can’t access services or specific facilities for them, and if there are, they have to pay a lot of money to enjoy them, a fact that most families can’t afford. In the last summer camp of 2017 we met one of the NGOs composed of mothers and fathers of children with functional diversity. These families promoted the NGO in the absence of institutional proposals and with the desire that their daughters and sons have a life more or less equal to that of the rest of the children. However, the association has been dragging for some time some difficulties that may cause its closure. The main problems they have are:

1 – They have almost no resources or subsidies from the government, they survive only on the membership fees that are mainly the families of the children, and there are many families that do not pay because they do not have means. The rent of the place where they work accumulates arrears in the payment.

2 – The educators are the mothers themselves who take turns taking care of the children of the center.

3 – There is a very high percentage of children who can’t attend because they live far away and their families can’t bring them every day.

4 – They do not have a pedagogically defined educational program. The staff is integrated exclusively by the family members, and does not have the qualification to deal with these children.

5 – Health services: there are many children who need physiotherapy sessions for their improvement, but the association can’t afford it. Hiring a professional for these services has a high cost.

Last summer (2017) from the ElBassma Association we collaborated with them painting and decorating the place where they work, but we have been left wanting to help a little more to get ahead. For this we have contacted again with the members of the NGO and we have placed ourselves at their disposal.

Our short-term proposal has been:

1 – Help them to pay the accumulated rent thanks to a part of the fund of the association that was left over from the camps.

2 – Help them to plan a work plan to restructure the organization of the NGO.

3 – Look for professional volunteers who can carry out a training aimed at these mothers to teach them how to work with children with special educational needs.

4 – Hire fixed teachers who will be at the center all the time. This way mothers will have more free time. The collaboration with the center will only be voluntary.

5 – Look for volunteers who wish to carry out a long-term volunteering experience, aimed at educators and physiotherapist professionals.

In the long term at ElBassma we propose to:

1 – Find a transport to solve the problem of children who live far from their homes.

2 – Carry out workshops for children who are older.

3 – Promote work integration programs for those who have finished school.

Now is the time to arrange meetings with the members of the association to formalize the work plan and calculate the costs of the project.

If you want to help in this project, go to this link to see what we need.

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Updated on 28/02/2018

Sabil Association has been having some difficulties in the management of this project so we have decided to offer them our collaboration in order to solve some of the problems that they have. We have been able to meet some of the members of Sabil Association and we have started a alliance between both organizations. Below we will show you some of our suggestions and what we have achieved

until now.

  1. We have helped them with the payment of the rent thank to the extra money from the summer camps.
  2. We have hired two teachers who are going to be all the time in the center, so the children’s mothers will have more time for themselves.
  3. We have launched in our web page offers to look for volunteers who would like to have a long term volunteer experience.

The proposals that we have suggested are:

  1. Proposing a working plan to restructure the NGO organization.
  2. Organizing training with the families to show them how to work with children with special necessities.
  3. Organizing workshops with the oldest children.
  4. Developing labor integration programs for those who have already finished school.

Long term projects:

  • Searching for a way of transportation for those kinds who live far away from the school.

To be able to accomplish those suggestions, the Association is going to use part of the extra money from last summer camps (2500euros). In spite of that, the amount of money is it not enough, and that is why we are looking for new resources that will allow us to fund all the ideas. Now we are going to publish the ideas, the cost, the money that we have and the money that we need.

First proposal: paying the Association accumulated debt

The Association has had 879 euros debt that comes from: the rent €700, supplies €67 and helpers €112.

The extra money from the 2500 that we have deposited (1621), we are going to used it to fund the the second and the third proposals.

Second proposal: the rent.

We have payed the pendant rent and we also have left them some money to be able to may the next few months, but we would like it to cover all 2018 so we could focus in other proposals.

Third proposal: teachers.

We already have two teachers who will be with the children from Monday to Friday and we also have a reserve for the next few months. But such us with the second proposal, we will like to have enough money to cover their salaries during all the year.

Below that, we show you an index with all the project expenses.

The cost of the center is 155 euros per month.

Each teacher is going to earn 100 euros per month with a part time job.

In 2017:
Type of Expense / Income Financial source Quantity Association Fund
———- ————- ————- + 2500€
Pay off accumulated debts Association Fund 879€ +1621€
Monthly Expenses September Association Fund 255€ +1366€
Monthly Expenses October Association Fund 255€ +1111€
Monthly expenses November  Association Fund 255€ +856€
Financing / Donation   Viaje solidario Educadoras ICE + 219€ +1075€
Monthly expenses December Association Fund 255€ +820€

The Association  Fund for 2017 is 820 euros.

Type of Expense / Income Financial source Quantity Association Fund
Monthly expenses January Association Fund 255€ +565€
Monthly expenses February Association Fund 255€ +310€
Monthly Expenses March
Monthly expenses April
Monthly expenses May
Monthly expenses June
Monthly Expenses July
Monthly expenses August
Monthly Expenses September
Monthly Expenses October
Monthly expenses November
Monthly expenses December

Fourth proposal: family trainings.

We think that working with children’s families is so important to make sure that our work in the center is complemented at home. The budget is not ready yet.

Proposed Total Cost Financial source Achieved Pending to get


Fifth proposal: labor integration programs.

In Morocco, the idea that a person with disabilities can not work is still a common idea, and that is why it is difficult to find programs that allow them to have a job. Because of that we want to offer them workshops that allow them to learn a profession. The budget is not ready yet.

Proposed Total Cost Financial source Achieved Pending to get

Sixth proposal: school transportation for the children.

There are some families who can not bring their children to the center everyday because they live far away from it. That is why we will like to get a school transportation that will allow those children to go to the center. The budget is not ready yet.

Proposed Total Cost Financial source Achieved Pending to get

If you want to help us with this project click in the link below.

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This project has been designed with the aim of satisfying the urgent need of children with functional diversity in Morocco Read more…

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